Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jeepers! Creepers?

OMG!  ROFL! LSMFT! Whatever.

It isn't often (in fact it is never) that I see an "It" item in the fashion news and can scream to myself:  I already have it!  Fashionista at last!

Of course in this case, the item is a pair of thick-soled shoes which I purchased three years ago because the high heels had to go. Never mind! Thick-soled shoes, or "creepers," are the shoe of the moment.  I read it in the Wall Street Journal so it must be true.

And here they are, straight from the fashion runway that is my closet:

Neener, neener, who's a wiener now?

While Wikipedia notes that Creepers are fave footgear of many musical subcultures such as punk, ska, psychobilly, greasers and goths, they neglected to mention geezers, wrinklies, codgers or Q-tips.  

I won't be completing my look with skin-tight skull-printed leggings, safety pins in my nose, or Draculetta makeup, but I will definitely be wearing my LOL (little old lady) trousers rolled so I can demonstrate my style cred.  

Just call me "Goody Two-Shoes."

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