Friday, January 9, 2015

Je suis fatiguée

I'm not Charlie.  I didn't subscribe to Boston Strong either. I am tired, though, and what I am is tired of is the sloganization of world events.

Yes, it is terrible that three terrorists took out twelve journalists in Paris.  But an illuminated Arc de Triomphe declaring "Paris est Charlie" just seems beside the point.  And though the French have always prided themselves on logic, no live person or (entire city) is a mortally wounded magazine.

Meanwhile, over in Africa, Amnesty International reports that Boko Haram massacred as many as 2,000 at one crack.  I dare the sloganeers to take on that one.  They won't.  The snappy catch phrases belong to the first worlders who get bent out of shape when the terror toads have the audacity to commit crimes on their Euro-turf or mess up their civic events.  Crimes that in the larger scheme of bad news seem about as serious as farting in elevators.

The world is a stinkin' place, full of stinkin' creatures that just can't stand anyone who isn't just as mired in the year 900 as they are. And it's particularly stinkin' because there is no solution. Just more slogans, more candlelight vigils, more sad illusions that all that mourning makes one bit of difference.

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